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Tech Specifications

SKU: VH-125

Series: VH

Ring Type: Internal

Units: Imperial

Ring Style: Spirolox (Spiral)

Housing Diameter: 1.250 in

Groove Yield: 1,940 lb

Ring Shear: 4,120 lb

Groove Diameter: 1.294 in

Groove Width: 0.031 in

Material: Carbon Steel

Rating: Light Duty

Number of Turns: 1

Ring Radial Wall: 0.088 in

Ring Thickness: 0.025 in

Free Outside Ring Diameter: 1.307 in


The VH Series Spirolox Retaining Ring are specified for light duty, low clearance applications or where axial positioning rather than load carrying is the principal function. These retaining rings are economically produced and easy to use, and are ideal for applications where thrust loads are light duty.