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Tech Specifications

SKU: NSSR-0387-L3

Series: NSSR

Units: Imperial

Spring Type: Nested

Operates in Bore Diameter: 3.875 in

Clears Shaft Diameter: 3.255 in

Load: 192 lb

Work Height: 0.169 in

Free Height: 0.387 in

Wire Thickness: 0.030 in

Wire Radial Wall: 0.233 in

Spring Rate: 879 lb/in

Number of Waves: 4

Number of Turns: 3

Material: Carbon Steel


Nested Spirawave Wave Springs are flat wire wave springs with multiple turns, stacked in parallel. They produce high forces in applications with tight radial and axial space. They are specified to replace stacked single-turn wave springs, eliminating misalignment issues and allowing for quicker assembly.