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Tech Specifications

SKU: FS-110-S02

Series: FS

Ring Type: External

Units: Metric

Ring Style: Constant Section (Snap)

Shaft Diameter: 110.00 mm

Groove Yield: 107,580 N

Ring Shear: 290,149 N

Groove Diameter: 106.00 mm

Groove Width: 4.15 mm

Material: 302 Stainless Steel

Rating: Heavy Duty

Number of Turns: 1

Ring Radial Wall: 6.73 mm

Ring Thickness: 3.89 mm

Free Inside Diameter: 104.90 mm


The FS Series metric Constant Section retaining rings are Smalley's equivalent to the European or "Hard" metric retaining  ring series. These snap rings will fit into the grooves established by DIN specifications.